Quality Assurance

Poacher turned gatekeeper – helping you to build genuine outcomes-based relationships with out-sourced service providers

Many Domain Matters consultants have either held very senior positions in the large consultancies and out-sourcing companies, such as Accenture, Capco and IBM, or have managed them in senior roles in client organisations.

We also have extensive experience in selecting, negotiating with and managing other providers and third-party software houses, such as Murex, Calypso, Mysis, FIS, Broadridge, Ion, TCS, Infosys, Capita, Microsoft, Oracle and so on.

Our clients are increasingly embarking on very large partnerships with such organisations to out-source strategic delivery or critical managed services.  We often see such partnerships structured as inputs-based, incentivising the service providers to provide more widgets, more people, more infrastructure resources, more software licences, etc., but not aligned to business outcomes that matter to their clients.  There are many root causes but the outcome is in neither party’s interests.

Our experience and insight allow us to provide an independent role at any point in the relationship lifecycle, with an objective of aligning incentives and priorities to maximise value for our clients:

  • realistic business cases
  • insightful short-lists and selections
  • pricing and negotiation strategies that align incentives and priorities
  • delivery assurance
  • independent remediation and arbitration advice.

Our inside knowledge of these organisations’ business models, motivations and delivery capabilities allows us to help our clients build and manage realistic, win-win relationships.  We help our clients to hold service providers accountable for truly outcomes-based contracts that incentivise the service providers to anticipate needs and put their clients’ interests first.


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