Operating Model Change

Bringing the business and technology together to build an optimised transformation roadmap.

Change comes in many forms, driven by market innovation, regulation, cost-pressures, transactions, internal re-organisations or new technologies. 

Sometimes our clients are technology or operations functions struggling to articulate the value of a business investment to their business.  Sometimes, the business itself needs help to prioritise and make their case to the board or to hold their technology suppliers account.

We often find that few people truly optimise the trade-offs between their business priorities, returns on investment, delivery risk and capability.  Not untypically, transformation roadmaps are driven by technology, with the business unable to challenge the technical artefacts presented to them. 

Domain Matters brings a long-refined and well-proven methodology to simplify and structure the impact of such changes and bring business and technology together.

Our approach always starts with the business’ strategy and provides clear traceability from these strategic priorities, via Key Performance Indicators and change levers, to a transformation roadmap.  This traceability provides a solid foundation to the business case and builds in the ability to track value delivery throughout the programme.

We build the roadmap and business cases in a way that shows transparently the trade-offs between the delivery of business value, dependencies, costs, capabilities and other constraints.  This allows the business and technology to work together to find the optimum sequence and build a realistic roadmap that maximises the early delivery of business value but that is also deliverable.  It also holds both parties to account: forcing prioritisation decisions and measuring success.

Assignments tend to require 6 weeks to 3-4 months. Deliverables typically include a recap of the business strategy: current, future and interim states across impacted operating model dimensions (e.g. organisation, process, channel, applications architecture); key architecturally significant issues and their recommended resolution; a prioritised, deliverable roadmap with supporting business case.

An outline, full-scope output is usually available after 6 weeks, allowing the client to prioritise where to spend additional effort. Our iterative, time-boxed, proprietary approach allows the client full control of spend versus depth of detail with the remaining time and budget.

Domain Matters consultants have managed and delivered Target Operating Model assignments for multiple clients including Barclays Capital; BNP Paribas; Deutsche Bank; Fortis; HSBC; JP Morgan Chase; Lloyds; Morgan Stanley; SocGen; and UBS.  Scope has ranged from individual functions to entire organisations, with business cases from USD 10m – USD 1.5bn


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